Global Peace Summit in Kiev Ukraine Outcomes

Six hundred top scientists led by Dr John Hagelin meet in Kiev, Ukraine, to explore evidence-based solutions to war and conflict.

The goals of the Global Union of Scientists for Peace (GUSP):
  • Stop the spread of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction; 
  • Reduce the heavy reliance on violent means of conflict resolution;
  • Prevent the buildup of societal tensions that lead to terrorism and social conflict;
  • Research and promote the use of evidence-based, nonviolent approaches to preventing conflict, promoting national security, and achieving global peace. 
The assembly was addressed on the first day by Dr John Hagelin, General Krutov, Dr Norman Rosenthal, Dr Fred Travis, Dr David Orme-Johnson, Dr Igor Prodan, Colonel Dr Brain Reese, Dr Sandy Nidich, Dr Nikola Diduk, Colonel Gunther Chasse and Raja Chancellor.

Topics presented included the brain-based approach to reducing individual and societal stress through individual practice of Transcendental Meditation and also by group practice in schools and the military, the effectiveness of TM in reducing negative trends and improving health, the ability of a group in one country to affect neighbouring countries.

It was a tremendous day of knowledge, of inspiration, of unpacking the research and the knowledge of how the collective consciousness guides society, how the collective consciousness is in turn formed by individual consciousness, and how all of this can be influenced very powerfully by a small group of Yogic Flyers practicing together.

The day was crowned by a huge double rainbow that appeared during the gala dinner on the boat cruise, as if nature herself was rejoicing at the expansion of the knowledge of peace.


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