Krishna Janmashtami

Quote from Maharishi on Krishna

Kumbha Mela, 1966

MAHARISHI: ...When we understand intellectually, when we can conceive of the Absolute as taking a form or if we conceive the form of the Absolute - it is like the ocean, the same water, silent water, springing up as a wave or some other things of the sea - they are different, but the same water rising up as a wave.

So, Incarnations (Avataras) are the same water, the same material, of the Absolute, appearing as a form. The same sap appearing as a leaf.

We are talking of the form of the Absolute - but in Gita Lord Krishna has made this point very, very clear. Bluntly he said 'The ignorant takes me to be taking a form. The unmanifested has taken a form, has manifested itself. This I am considered by the ignorant. That means even so I am in form, I am not manifested.`

The unmanifested in form, not manifested in form. The Absolute has not become relative. The unmanifested has not become manifested. Remaining absolute, it has assumed a form.

Guru Purnima – Meditation, Yoga and World Peace

Stories about His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi – Meditation, Yoga and World Peace

Beyond the Eco-Mind: Enlightenment and Brain Integration to Create An Ideal World Paperback by Simi Summer PhD

Beyond the Eco-Mind: Enlightenment and Brain Integration to Create An Ideal World offers a time-tested and innovative solution to effectively address the world's current environmental and ecological dilemmas. Taking the concept of the "Eco-Mind" to its fulfillment via the direct experience of the field of pure creative intelligence, a systematic formula is offered to transcend the limitations of the conscious mind. Going beyond the surface level of thought to the direct experience of pure consciousness, Enlightenment, the "Enlightened-Mind" model, and brain integration are proposed as a viable and practical solution to the eco/environmental impasse facing humanity today. The book offers a step-by-step analysis designed to reveal how and why the simplest state of human awareness holds the key to effectively meet the individual and collective challenges of today's world. The elegant solution places the reigns of environmental and social change into the hands …

Maharishi on the Glory of Being Near Guru Dev

"...the priceless transcendental nectar in which saints and seekers lose themselves and forget everything during their deep meditations in silent barren places — when that same nectar, that very same experience is had in nearness to the lotus feet of Guru Dev, in an unmoving and stable manner, with the eyes open and in a completely wakeful state, the incomparably blissful transcendental torrent floods the inside and outside, and the mind is drowned in ecstasy.
Certainly this state in the nearness to the lotus feet of Guru Dev is much more desirable and enjoyable than the state where we forgot everything in samadhi. In that state at the lotus feet of Guru Dev, wave upon wave of the bliss of samadhi rises in myriads of forms and channels in complete wakefulness. That is the experience of jivan mukti, by the grace of the lotus fee of Guru Dev. The experience of the unshakable bliss of samadhi, when we are completely awake, is the jivan mukti, drowned in which the great Mahatmas become…

Global Peace Summit in Kiev Ukraine Outcomes

Six hundred top scientists led by Dr John Hagelin meet in Kiev, Ukraine, to explore evidence-based solutions to war and conflict.
The goals of the Global Union of Scientists for Peace (GUSP):
Stop the spread of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction; Reduce the heavy reliance on violent means of conflict resolution;Prevent the buildup of societal tensions that lead to terrorism and social conflict;Research and promote the use of evidence-based, nonviolent approaches to preventing conflict, promoting national security, and achieving global peace. The assembly was addressed on the first day by Dr John Hagelin, General Krutov, Dr Norman Rosenthal, Dr Fred Travis, Dr David Orme-Johnson, Dr Igor Prodan, Colonel Dr Brain Reese, Dr Sandy Nidich, Dr Nikola Diduk, Colonel Gunther Chasse and Raja Chancellor.
Topics presented included the brain-based approach to reducing individual and societal stress through individual practice of Transcendental Meditation and also by group practice in sch…

Music Moves the Immovable - Maharishi

Excerpt from a talk by Maharishi on July 23, 1972 at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. Maharishi comments on music and the creative process following a piano performance by Ron Altbach. When Maharishi refers to Being, he is speaking of pure consciousness, the source of thought, which we experience during meditation at the quietest level of our mind.

Maharishi: Music is the flow of consciousness, the expression of the flow of life. It is the expression of the flow of consciousness of the musician, of the composer. And when that comes parallel with the flow of evolutionary process of the individual, the individual gets in tune with that.

This happens on the very subtle level of feeling, when the feeling is tender, when the feeling is matured, free from resistances. When the icebergs are missing in the lake, then the lake flows even with the slightest wind, and then the waves are set up.

The silent bed of Being, the wholeness of Being gets warmed up in its own intelligence, and that…