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Krishna Janmashtami

Quote from Maharishi on Krishna

Kumbha Mela, 1966

MAHARISHI: ...When we understand intellectually, when we can conceive of the Absolute as taking a form or if we conceive the form of the Absolute - it is like the ocean, the same water, silent water, springing up as a wave or some other things of the sea - they are different, but the same water rising up as a wave.

So, Incarnations (Avataras) are the same water, the same material, of the Absolute, appearing as a form. The same sap appearing as a leaf.

We are talking of the form of the Absolute - but in Gita Lord Krishna has made this point very, very clear. Bluntly he said 'The ignorant takes me to be taking a form. The unmanifested has taken a form, has manifested itself. This I am considered by the ignorant. That means even so I am in form, I am not manifested.`

The unmanifested in form, not manifested in form. The Absolute has not become relative. The unmanifested has not become manifested. Remaining absolute, it has assumed a form.

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