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United be your minds

The climax of the Rk Veda is enshrined in the verse below, whereby in the togetherness of infinity of the unbounded universal reality along with the point value of relative experience [as well as in the togetherness of those who engage in unfolding pure consciousness in coherent groups], then a reality of a wholeness which is more than the sum of the parts is created. An incredible concept, and a great truth.  This is a foundation for all knowers of reality, and an inspiration for all those seeking that level of truth. Our good fortune, through Maharishi’s generosity and gifting of pure knowledge, is having received both the understanding of this as well as the means to attain it. Armed with this potent combination, it gives the impetus for all who strive to realise the fullness of this wisdom in their own consciousness. Below this shloka Maharishi gives a commentary on this verse, with excerpts from the Constitution of India book, emphasising the wholeness of human consciousness in grea…