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Nature Is Speaking – Julia Roberts is Mother Nature | Conservation Inter...

Beautifully filmed, well scripted, potent message.

Solar Powered Acoustic Device Protecting Crops (And Animals) - Energy Matters

Solar Powered Acoustic Device Protecting Crops (And Animals) - Energy Matters

Our organic gardens here in the ashram are precious to us, but they are also a source of fascination for a large troupe of langur monkey who live in the jungle around us, and they often do raids. Slingshots haven't proved effective, and they also could be harmful for these charming visitors, so this acoustic device powered by solar energy could useful to us as well as farmers all around India.

Processed meats rank alongside smoking as cancer causes – WHO


Over 1500 yoga asanas shortlisted to thwart patenting by foreign parties


Aug 9, 2015

The government decided to form the Traditional Knowledge Digital Library, after the bitter experience of some MNCs claiming patents for neem and turmeric in the last two decades.

Apart from trained yoga teachers, a team of AYUSH doctors would scrutinise the applications for a medical history and status to decide whether to allow them to attend the yoga sessions or not. -

In a move that will help thwart attempts by foreign MNCs and individuals to get patents and trademark on ancient yoga techniques, the government has shortlisted over 1500 asanas and videographed over 250, classifying them as “traditional knowledge” of the country.

The initiative will be a part of the Traditional Knowledge Digital Library (TKDL), a unit of Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) of the Ministry of Science and Technology, which challenges claims made at s…

Maharishi's Lecture at the Guru Purnima Celebration 1999

(Unofficial transcript)
Blessings of Guru Dev—after we have performed our Puja to Guru Dev, our homage to Guru Dev. It’s a very joyful time for us, to express what comes. What comes to us is an open door of perfection to life of everyone on earth. This is what comes to us, as a blessing of Guru Dev, emerging from the offerings that we made to Guru Dev in the traditional Vedic manner.
What comes to us is an open door to perfection in life for everyone on earth. And when we analyse on the scientific level the perception that comes to us. What has come to us now, an open door of perfection, an open door of perfection to life of everyone on earth. And what is the logic behind it? What is the scientific character of this open door perfection to heaven?
The reality is Ved. What is Ved? Pure knowledge; total knowledge is there always lively within the Self of everyone. The Self of everyone is the reality of open door for perfection in the life of everyone. This is Ved, the field of pure knowled…

Why Nashik Kumbh Mela will be of epic proportions this time

The mega religious gathering along on the banks of the Godavari river is set to welcome millions of visitors and will be marked by initiatives that boost tourism and help in the brand building exercise.

All roads will lead to Nashik for the next two months as the Nashik Kumbh Mela was officially inaugurated by the Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnavis and Union home minister Rajnath Singh.
Marked by the chanting of hymns and poojas, the opening was held in two spots, around 40km apart — one in Trimbakeshwar and the other in Nashik, along the banks of the Godavari river. The mega holy gathering begins on July 14 and will go on till September 18.
Undoubtedly one of the biggest religious congregations, which is held once in 12 years, the kumbh mela, this year, is set to draw in 30 million devotees, pilgrims and tourists to the city of Nash…

Balaraj Maharishi

J Ayurveda Integr Med. 2010 Jul-Sep; 1(3): 222–224.
Balaraj Maharishi  and the first clinical trial of Ayurvedic medicines in the West
by Donn Brennan
In June 1984, I was part of a group of western-trained medical doctors from six countries who began a 15-month course in Ayurveda. In February 1985 as part of our course, we were invited to join a group of Vaidyas in Brasilia, Brazil, for a two-week conference on the indigenous health traditions of South America. It was here that I first came into contact with Balaraj Maharishi, one of the great Vaidyas of his era, and at that time adviser on Ayurveda to the Government of Andhra Pradesh.

In Brasilia, he soon came to the notice of our group, but in an unusual way. Conference sessions would last many hours with the Chairman, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and others speaking. As we sat watching the proceedings, we could not help in noticing that one person on the stage sat for hours hardly moving, or without moving at all. The stillness surrounding hi…

Unnatural Disaster: How Global Warming Helped Cause India’s Catastrophic Flood

The flood that swept through the Indian state of Uttarakhand two years ago killed thousands of people and was one of the worst disasters in the nation’s recent history. Now researchers are saying that melting glaciers and shifting storm tracks played a major role in the catastrophe and should be a warning about how global warming could lead to more damaging floods in the future.

The boulder in the foreground saved the historic Kedarnath Temple from destruction in the 2013 flood.
Two years ago this month, a flood devastated the Himalayan village of Kedarnath, India, the destination of half a million Hindu pilgrims annually. The town sits 11,500 feet up in a tight valley. Sharp, snowy peaks tower on three sides and a stone temple sits at one end. The flood — which occurred on June 17, 2013 — was India’s worst disaster in a decade. Several thousand people drowned. The deluge tore apart dozens of bridges, swept away miles of paved roads, and carried of…

GM Cotton Does Not Increase Profits for Indian Farmers – Oxford University Experts

Posted on Jun 10 2015 - 11:44pm by Sustainable Pulse

Experts from Oxford University in the UK have released a study in the Nature journal stating that there are no increased profits for Indian farmers who grow Bt cotton in non-irrigated areas.

Find the Full Study Here Carla Romeu-Dalmau, Liam Dolan and their colleagues at Oxford University, compared the economic impact of growing native Asiatic cotton (Gossypium arboreum L.) with that of growing American Bt (GM) cotton (Bt Gossypium hirsutum), which has been engineered to contain bacterial genes that make the crop resistant to insect pests.

They found that farmers in the Indian state of Maharashtra spent more money to produce Bt cotton than native cotton, even though Bt cotton generates higher yields.

The authors also looked at farming Bt cotton under different conditions, and found that the GM cotton grown under rain-fed conditions has similar economic benefits to the same cotton grown using irrigation. Although Bt cotton gives higher yie…

Out Of Our Own Backyards – Rethinking The Future Of Food


Invitation - World Yoga Day June 2015


Finally, Monsanto introduces new strains of food that are NOT genetically modified -


Yoga To Be Given The Status Of Sports, Will Generate 'Millions Of Jobs': Report


Despite Hurdles, Solar Power in Australia Is Too Robust to Kill by Jo Chandler: Yale Environment 360


Former Japan Prime Minister Addresses Maharishi University of Management graduates


Organic Farming Thrives in India as Growers Revert Back to Traditional Methods

Dr. Schneider on New Model of Vedic Psychiatry Dr Schneider recently introduced a new paradigm of Total Mental Health based on Vedic psychiatry to international audiences at the World Ayurveda Congress in India and the International Ayurveda Congress in the Netherlands.
"One's state of mental health is as important a risk factor for heart disease as high blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes," said Dr. Schneider, dean of the Maharishi College of Perfect Health.

He said that in traditional Ayurveda, the mind is found within the heart. In order to heal the physical heart, one needs to heal his or her emotional heart.

Dr. Schneider presents a total approach to mental health based on ancient principles of Maharishi AyurVeda that takes into account the four domains of mind, body, environment, and consciousness.

Dr. Schneider says that Vedic psychiatry includes dealing with physiological influences on mental health through Maharishi AyurVeda and environmental influences on ment…