Maharishi about Himalayas

"Himalayas will always remain Himalayas. They will always be on the top of the world.
There are about 100 Purusha practicing Transcendental Meditation and living Purusha life of absolute brahmacharya. They are gaining command over Prakriti. Prakriti is the daivi shakti, which functions for the individual as the individual Purusha value inside - witnessing value, self-referral value ? and so the Purusha value increases in daily life. Himalayas will always be guiding light of purity, of affluence, of gaining authority in Nature.
Uttarkashi has been a place where Guru Dev has been, and Guru Dev’s Guru Dev has been. It’s a fountainhead of Pure Knowledge. One cannot sing the glory of the Himalayas enough. Throughout the ages the Vedic literature is full of the glory of the Himalayas: Uttarkashi, Gangotri, Badrinath, Kedarnath, Rishikesh. A beautiful, beautiful fortune of the people takes them on pilgrimage- year after year thousands and thousands of people and they have a glimpse. They go there to breathe a few breaths of peace and happiness and satisfaction, and they rise in atma gyan, in brahma gyan.
It’s a very fortunate thing to be going to the Himalayas from time to time. It’s a different world. One cannot describe in words.
यतो वाचो निवर्तन्ते Yato vacho nivartante: tad dharma parama mama: ‘This is my abode’, says the Lord, ‘from where speech returns.’
Sahasrakshara parame vyoman: ‘Transcendental is that field.’
शिवं शान्तमद्वैतं चतुर्थं मन्यन्ते स आत्मा सविज्ञेय Shivam shântam advaitam chaturtham manyante, sa âtmâ, sa vigyeyah: ‘That is the Self, that is the atma, which is absolute silence, Shivatva, which is the source of all dynamism.’
It’s a very complete culture of life for the supreme state of evolution: brahmi chetana, Unity Consciousness.
Something that is real to life is housed in the Himalayan heights - peace eternal. And peace eternal is the basis of all possible dynamism in human awareness. That is why the concept is, Yogasthah kuru karmani: ‘Established in Yog, established in Unity Consciousness, perform action.’ It’s a beautiful philosophy, a total philosophy of practical life.
We are building in different parts of the Himalayas for the busy people of the world to go for some time there and refresh their soul, refresh their intellect, refresh their mind, so that their speech and behaviour will be the guiding light to human existence.
It’s very beautiful: Himalayas means Heaven."
-- Maharishi, 17 October 2002


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