Maharishi's Lecture at the Guru Purnima Celebration 1999

(Unofficial transcript)

Blessings of Guru Dev—after we have performed our Puja to Guru Dev, our homage to Guru Dev. It’s a very joyful time for us, to express what comes. What comes to us is an open door of perfection to life of everyone on earth. This is what comes to us, as a blessing of Guru Dev, emerging from the offerings that we made to Guru Dev in the traditional Vedic manner.

What comes to us is an open door to perfection in life for everyone on earth. And when we analyse on the scientific level the perception that comes to us. What has come to us now, an open door of perfection, an open door of perfection to life of everyone on earth. And what is the logic behind it? What is the scientific character of this open door perfection to heaven?

The reality is Ved. What is Ved? Pure knowledge; total knowledge is there always lively within the Self of everyone. The Self of everyone is the reality of open door for perfection in the life of everyone. This is Ved, the field of pure knowledge, this is Vedanta, the basis of this total knowledge in the field of consciousness. Self-referral state of everyone’s consciousness is reverberation of consciousness. Consciousness reverberates in terms of the impulses of consciousness. They reverberate as sound. Sound of Ved. Vedic sounds, Ved Vani. This is the reality of the self-referral state of consciousness of everyone. This is the logic at the basis of this open door for perfection for life of everyone on earth.

This is absolutely simple, it is absolutely easy, it is absolutely useful for everyone on earth. Regardless of his state of mind. Regardless of the level of his intelligence. Regardless of his state of awakening, whether fully awake, waking, dreaming, sleeping state of consciousness. Doesn’t matter, in whatever state of consciousness one may be, the reality at the basis of every state of consciousness is self-referral state of Transcendental Consciousness. Fortunately for the last 40 - 50 years we have taught Transcendental Meditation throughout the world and we have a huge record of scientific research that the capable scientists in all fields of knowledge have recorded, as the benefits coming from this Transcendental Consciousness.

So the open door to perfection in the life of everyone, that we are perceiving today, open door .... we are perceiving today because we have taken our consciousness to a level of that self-referral consciousness. Even when we are sleeping, that level of self-referral consciousness is the reality of the perception that everyone is Ved. Everyone on the level of consciousness, the total knowledge, the Ved, and the whole body is the expression of the Ved, the whole universe is the expression of the Ved, the expression of those eternal impulses of consciousness, or intelligence, which has expressed itself in the reverberation of the Vedic language and in the material creation.

It’s a very beautiful time. We have been teaching this all time, all these 40, 50 years. And every year on the Guru Purnima Day we have been reviewing our eternal state of life. and every year we have been proclaiming that life is bliss. This year is a special year for this, for us, because, we have plunged to modify the politics of the world. The politics, which has been administering life on a very superficial of behaviour. Behaviour is the result of the state of consciousness of the individual. Now, what the individual is in essence has been discovered on the level of quantum physics, chemistry. Our scientists will tell you, they are all here to affirm what they have been seeking in the world on the level of scientific knowledge, physics, chemistry, physiology; all this on a unified level. And this is the Self of everyone, the Atma of everyone. The impulse of which we have the records in the Vedic literature, which we have sorted out in terms of 40 values. and Prof. Tony Nader, the great neurologist, the great physiologist, a very successful scientist.

Dr. Bevan Morris will introduce to you properly all the scientists. It’s such a pride of the day to see all these scientists around here with me during our heart-felt and soul-felt cosmic devotion to Guru Dev. Because all that we are is just the expression that all we see in the structure of our great Masters of Vedic Tradition. It’s a great thing. We are so fulfilled today to see the open door for perfection for life of everyone everywhere in the world. This is a revelation that represents all such revelations throughout time. Millions of years, thousands of years, thousands of centuries; thousands of centuries. The revelation, the perception of reality that life expressed in all diversity is after all unity. And that I am. Unity and Diversity. Unity and diversity; pure knowledge and its infinite organising power. The unified field of physics and chemistry and ... all the great scientists are here.

Prof. Schanbacher is here; he’ll explain to you the whole scientific reality of the individual, collective life of the world. The great scientists that are here to verify age-old exaltations of Vedic descriptions of what life is. All in terms of the unified field. We have Dr. John Hagelin here.  Dr. Bevan Morris will introduce the great dignity of Dr. John Hagelin. Dr. John Hagelin .... The world in near future will have a scientist President of America, dedicated to unified field, Samhita of Rishi, Devata and Chhandas. The world will be new world.

Today’s America, we don’t want to say, is fond of destroying everyone. Putthe shells, all the poison on earth, kill everyone. All this huge sinful performance of the politics of the world. They are all ready, they have great power, power of destruction. Soon we have Dr. John Hagelin which will demonstrate to the world through the laws of the United States that it is not necessary for anyone to be the victim of bombs. There has been a fashion. Both have been expressing their apologies. On one side they bomb the countries and continue to bomb for weeks and months. And then they raise the voice of world peace and world peace; what a nonsense.

But today we are in a worshipful mood for Guru Dev and we don’t want to get into the mud. Today’s politics is just a frog in a well. But we hear the sound of the frog inside so many wells, but now we will hear the role of unbounded waves of the ocean. Life is going to be what it really is at its basis, at its own basis. Life is bliss. Life is bliss. I’d like to hear from the Vedic Pandits: Ananda.

[Recitation of the Vedic Pandits ...]. This ocean of Ananda is visible, is experiencible, through this open door of perfection for everyone on this Guru Purnima Day. Open door of perfection. In the field of science what is perfection? The unified field. Unified field has been equated with Samhita of Rishi, Devata and Chhandas. That has given a scientific structure, a scientific basis to all the Vedic expressions.

So through this field of science we see. What we see? The reality of all life through the door of perfection to life. We are in a position today;I’m very happy saying this for all mankind, I’m very happy to say this for all mankind. This is the expression of reality, but Heaven is dawning on life. Perfection is open to all mankind, because it has always been at the basis of every life on earth. So we see, we have been under the influence of darkness. But it has taken 40, 50 years now with the experience of Transcendental Consciousness that today we are celebrating the open door of perfection to everyone. We are establishing that political science, that supreme political science which will introduce perfection in education, perfection in health care system. Perfection in defence is not what it is today: destroying this, destroying this. This destruction is all sin. Where these destroyers will go? We don’t even want to name this region. The result of sin that they are committing. Let them go. They are having an open door on the other side. And we have the open door described by our Vedic Pandits “Ananda .....” This is a field of Ananda.

[Vedic recitation of Ananda again] Life now will be characterised by the word Ananda, unbounded dignity of life is on the capability to know everything, on the capability to do everything, from where? From one’s own consciousness. The open door to perfection is the door of total consciousness, knowledge of laws of nature, natural law. We are sponsoring for the happiness and peace in the world. We are sponsoring Natural Law Parties on the political level. The politics of Natural Law Party in every country. In India it is Ajay Bharat Party, ‘Invincible India’. How I see invincible India? I want to tell you. No country can be invincible until all the countries are invincible. So when we say “invincible India” it is of all the countries to be invincible. No one country can be invincible in the world. That invincibility will be that destructive thing. America today feels ‘I can destroy everyone’. German sing they can create this, this, this. I’ll not talk to them now; this is not the day to get into the mud.

Invincibility is the product of a pious politics. Pious politics - Ramraj. Ramraj is one word which expresses that supremely effective administration which will prevent the birth of an enemy, for every nation. And this will be invincibility. The ability to prevent the birth of an enemy. This is what is invincibility for a nation. That will never be through this arms and killing and all that. All this is childish, it’s childish. Prudence of politics is to stop the birth of an enemy - heyam duhkham anagatam – the pain or suffering or problems which have not yet come, maybe it has not yet come, prevent that and prevent that. And do it scientifically, not in the mood “I’m invincible, I’m invincible”. It’s not like that. But in reality, invincibility is a reality of Atma, the Self, the unified state of all life. The unified state of all life. Scientists will tell now, what invincibility is, what is invincibility.

So we are sponsoring that pious politics in all countries, no matter what the religion of a country, because no religion would not like to have invincibility. No government in the world can be opposed to invincibility. And ideal politics is just that which does not allow anyone to suffer, which educates everyone to that exalted state of consciousness where everything is bliss, waves of bliss. the reality of Ved, the reality of Vedic life, the joy of all possibilities for individual. So no individual will harm any other individual; this is the ideal politics that we are sponsoring. And the name of this organisation is “Natural Law Parties”. 


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