United be your minds

The climax of the Rk Veda is enshrined in the verse below, whereby in the togetherness of infinity of the unbounded universal reality along with the point value of relative experience [as well as in the togetherness of those who engage in unfolding pure consciousness in coherent groups], then a reality of a wholeness which is more than the sum of the parts is created. An incredible concept, and a great truth. 
This is a foundation for all knowers of reality, and an inspiration for all those seeking that level of truth.
Our good fortune, through Maharishi’s generosity and gifting of pure knowledge, is having received both the understanding of this as well as the means to attain it. Armed with this potent combination, it gives the impetus for all who strive to realise the fullness of this wisdom in their own consciousness.
Below this shloka Maharishi gives a commentary on this verse, with excerpts from the Constitution of India book, emphasising the wholeness of human consciousness in great detail.

Rk Veda, 10th Mandala

Sam-sam id yuvase vrishann Agne vishvāny arya ā
ilas pade sam idhyase sa no vasuny ā bhara

Sam gachchhadhyam sam vadadhvam sam vo manāmsi jānatām
Devā bhāgam yathā purve sanjānanā upasate

Samāno mantrah samitih samāni samānam manah saha chittam eshām
samanām mantram abhi mantraye vah samānena vo havishā juhomi

Samāni va akutih samānā hridayāni vah
samānam astu vo mono yathā vah susahāsati
Rk Veda 10.191.14

[This last Sukta of Rk Veda indicates the climax of the evolution of Law. Here all the specific laws that constitute the Ultimate Reality are in unified state. It is the sequentially evolving dynamism of the specific Laws of Nature where total dynamism inherent in total silence has been expressed]

Agni—showerer (of all life, of all benefits), thou who art the supreme source, course, and goal of all creation, thou verily combinest with all creatures, thou art kindled upon the footmark of ILA (the unmanifest dynamism (of I), the dynamic basis of all life); bring unto us riches.

Go together, speak together, know your minds to be functioning together from a common source in the same manner as the impulses of Creative Intelligence, in the beginning, remain together united near the source.

Integrated is the expression of knowledge, an assembly is significant in unity; united are their minds in the silent dynamism of All Possibilities. For you (says the Seer Samvanana) I make use of the integrated expression of knowledge. By virtue of unitedness, and by means of that which remains to be united, I perform action to generate WHOLENESS of life; (this means that the consciousness of the seer Samvanana, whose qualities are illustrated by the letters of his name, reverberating in the form of this hymn and producing the cognition, proclaims that consciousness, or the pure nature of life, continues to create newer and newer WHOLENESS, newer and newer Rkall the time maintaining WHOLENESS—all the time united in one grand WHOLENESS).

United be your purpose, harmonious be your feelings, collected be your mind (the phrase “collected be your mind” calls for integrated neurophysiological functioning), in the same way as all the various aspects of the universe exist in togetherness, WHOLENESS.

Constitution of India [extract], Rk Ved 10th Mandala (Rk Veda 10.191.14)

Second, here are extracts from the book on the Constitution of India, where this verse from Rk Veda is expounded by Maharishi in the context of wholeness, and India’s role in unfolding this reality for the world:

“This is the characteristic of the infinitely diversified galactic structures of the universe. Galaxies always perform in synchrony with each other; they ‘go together’. Similar is the nature of the performance of the numberless neurons in the human brain physiology, because it is the same Natural Law that functions here, there, and everywhere.

Rk Veda, being the total Constitution of the Universe, the Constitution of Natural Law, culminates in the expression that all the diversified values of different Laws of Nature, all by habit function in perfect order—they all ‘ go together’, naturally displaying order in their own cycles of evolution. -

Going together means move as a whole: it culminates in the expression of the move of WHOLENESS. Transcendental Meditation. being the innocent procedure of Natural Law, displaying the natural, holistic performance of Natural Law, skilfully takes the conscious mind to increasingly refined levels of WHOLENESS, upheld by total Natural Law at every stage, arriving at the pinnacle of evolution in the unbounded, unmanifest field of immortality expressed by Anoraniyan Mahato-mahiyan (finer than the finest is bigger than the biggest) eternally lively absolute wakefulness ranging from POINT to infinity.

This field of intelligence is the reality of the supreme state of Totality—Brahm—from which and within which all the Laws of Nature and all their innumerable expressions abide. The call of Rk Veda, the call of the Constitution of the Universe, is to realize this level of intelligence in our awareness and let that be the lively basis of our daily life.

Let us all be the custodians of the total potential of Natural Law; let us all enjoy mastery over Natural Law and enjoy the fruit of all knowledge—all possibilities on the lively ground of Natural Law. Now that Rk Veda has been discovered within the structure and function of the human physiology, this total intelligence of Natural Law is within the reach of everyone.

The establishment of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Vedic Vishwavidyalaya in Madhya Pradesh offers authentic study, research, and realization of this supreme level of intelligence. Now the Government of India, in the light of this knowledge, will begin to function in accordance with the Constitution of the Universe while administering through the Constitution of India, and, through Maharishi’s Vedic Science and Technology of Consciousness, will bring enlightenment to everyone in the country and thereby everyone will spontaneously live in full accord with every Article of the Indian Constitution,

All countries will now have enlightenment as a gift from the Government of India:

United will be the life~breath of India for the whole world: Tat sunnidlhau vairatyragah (Yog-Sutra, 2.35 }—In the vicinity of coherence (Yoga), hostile tendencies are eliminated;

Harmonious will be the feelings of India for the whole world—Vasudaiva kutumbakam (Manu Smriti 11.I2 22)—The world is a family;

Collected will be the mind of India for the whole world— Gyan vigyan trip-Atma (Bhagavad-Gita, 6.8)—Knowledge and experience bring contentment,  Dridh bhumih {Yog-Sutra, I.14)—Well founded state—established state.

Individual action will be united with Cosmic Action; it will be in harmony with Cosmic Order; and with a collected mind—unbounded Bliss Consciousness—it will be invincible.

There will be a People’s United Nations—a global administration united in Natural Law. All life everywhere will be upheld by the nourishing, evolutionary power of Natural Law for the simple reason that this supremely powerful Creative Intelligence functions on the transcendental level of infinite correlation, where nothing is separate from anything—everything is unified with everything else.

This last expression of Rk Veda awakens the Government of India and the people of India to play their natural role as the custodians of the total knowledge of Natural Law, and see that all people on earth live life from the level of perfection available in one syllable of Rk Veda——the last syllable of the name Rk—the point of WHOLENESS expanding to infinity—WHOLENESS, A, moving to WHOLENESS A.

Purnam adah purnam idam purnat purnam udachyate
purnasya purnam adaya purnam evavashishyate
(Shantipath, Kena Upanishad, 5.1.1)
That is full; this is full; from fullness, fullness comes out; 
taking fullness from fullness, what remains is fullness.

This is the clarion call of this last Sukta of Rk Veda for everyone.

It is the delight of Vedic Scholars and the wise politicians of India, the Land of the Veda, to locate and study this level of intelligence in the last expressions of every aspect of the Vedic Literature because every aspect of the Vedic Literature follows the sequential evolution of Rk Veda—the Constitution of the Universe; every aspect of the Vedic Literature is a sequentially developing, perfect theme of knowledge that upholds the natural, evolutionary stream of life to encompass the full range of performance of Natural Law, from point to infinitty, at every step of evolution.

The fulfilment of the Constitution of India through Transcendental Meditation is really absolute fulfilment because the Transcendental Meditation Program takes human awareness to the absolute level of transcendence, the intelligence of ‘Anoraniyan’—point of point, (K)—which is ‘Mahato-mahiyan’—bigger than the biggest, unbounded infinity, (A). This is the full awakening of all knowledge, all organizing power of knowledge—total Natural Law.

This phenomenon of the point of the point, (K). expanding to infinity, (A), is Shruti—sound emerging from the phenomenon of the self—referral process within WHOLENESS, as it shifts from its point value to its unbounded state. Even though this shift ‘being unmanifest' is only the reality of a notion; it is this notion that renders Veda, the Constitution of the Universe, a total concept on the unmanifest level of reality at the basis of all creation. That is why transcending is a Vedic phenomenon, a Vedic process, which culminates in the transcendental field of intelligence—the lively state of enlightenment—total intelligence in motion between its point and infinity within the point—the total range of intelligence which makes human awareness the embodiment of total Veda—total knowledge, total Natural Law, total Constitution of the Universe—rendering the conceptual individual life to be the reality of Cosmic Life—the embodiment of the total organizing power of Natural Law and its expression, the ever—expanding material universe.

Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation is the practice of Nivarthadhwam—the Vedic Practice of return—return from concept to reality, which presents the dynamics of total knowledge—Rk, Sama, Yajur, and Atharva—in the unified structure of Rk Veda. If the principle of Nivarthadhwam is applied to this last Sukta of Rk Veda, it demonstrates the structure of perpetual flow of self-referral intelligence, which means that it gives a structure to Sama Veda (flowing wakefulness); it also demonstrates the supremely evolved state of Yagya in Yajur-Veda, the dynamics of creation, and meaningfully actualizes Atharva—reverberating WHOLENESS. 

These last expressions of all the Veda express the supreme level of evolution of intelligence; they stand for the total value of Veda and Vedant—the total value of knowledge and its infinite organizing power inherent in everyone's Transcendental Consciousness—and lead to the complete unfoldment of life through the study and programmes of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Vedic Vishwavidyalaya, which will be made available to all nations through the courtesy of the Government of India.

By nourishing all nations, the Government of India will now enjoy the supreme level of sovereignty- every nation will enjoy the friendship of all nations, and there will be a compact WHOLENESS of all nations, This is the phenomenon that is portrayed in the last expressions of Rk Veda, Sama Veda, Yajur-Veda, and Atharva Veda.

All this analysis of letters and gaps between letters in the sequentially evolving structure of Rk Veda has been mentioned here in detail to actualize the proper understanding of Shruti—the sequentially developing structure of Natural Law. Those who are really interested in the knowledge of the mechanics of the formation and evolution of the Laws of Nature are advised to study Maharishi’s Apaurusheya Bhashya of Rk Veda and take a course in political leadership training, a course on Supreme Political Science at Maharishi Vedic University.


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