Transcendental India - images of deep meditation & communing with divinity

The oldest living spiritual wisdom on earth, the Veda, emerges from reverberations of transcendental consciousness, available to anyone through Transcendental Meditation. Cognised in holistic completeness as coherent formulae by the great seers of India to guide humanity for eternity, and preserved by the Vedic families of India for millennia, the deep silence of self-referral consciousness is the means to unfold enlightenment for any individual and create heaven on earth.

Mother India plays a special role in the family of nations as the heart and soul of all spiritual traditions by virtue of the timeless preservation of its ancient spiritual truths. Below are images which are evocative of the natural inclination towards spirituality here in India in its numerous expressions.

Maharishi - very early picture

Maharishi Pandits meditating at Brahamasthan, Madya Pradesh 

Varanasi ghat

Meditating before Mahavir (Jain guru) 

Boy going within 

Lord Shiva 

That's me! Maharishi's ashram in Rishikesh 

Boat meditation, Varanasi 

Sadhus at ghat 

Palatial meditation

Young monk offering incense 

Maharishi once commented on the comfort and security of meditating in caves 

Pensive after puja 

Meditating at Golden Temple, Amritsar 

Sadhu in Himalayas 

Sadhu does japa 

Immersed in holy waters 

Flowing waters 

Obeisance to rising sun 

Offering light, incense & devotion 

Mountain top meditation 

Deep supplication 

Time for shlokas

Mountain meditation 

Communing with Ganga Ma 

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